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Companies work with BYP Network to diversify their applicant pipeline and market their brand as an employer of choice to over 50,000 black professionals. As a ‘community first’ organisation, our candidates are strongly attracted to our partner companies due to our brand reputation and authentic approach.

BYP Feature Breakdown

BYP is a community focused organisation, where members join to interact with relevant content, network with like-minded people, attend events, and explore opportunities. We engage with our members in a way which is authentic and non transactional, meaning members regardless of their job status, can develop new skills and improve their career potential.

Employer Branding & Digital Content

  • Co-host a virtual event with BYP to engage and recruit niche black talent and receive 200+ registrations from your target demographic. 
  • Be featured on our weekly newsletter with over 20,000 subscribers. We feature partners and spotlight roles for those on an annual package. 
  • Be featured on BYP social media channels; over 500k monthly impressions, 30k+ on Instagram, 20k+ on LinkedIn and 6k+ on Twitter. 
  • Get your unique digital content pushed out across BYP channels to tell your story as an Employer of Choice to the black community.

Talent Attraction & Retention

  • Job Board: Partners are able to post directly on the Job Board where members of our network can apply directly to roles. BYP takes an active role in promoting these on social media and newsletter. 
  • Ability for internal BAME network to be plugged into BYP, and the ability to join our BAME/Black Network Group on our platform.

Culture Analysis & Accountability

  • BYP Network internal workshops for our partner companies are for:
    1) recruiters & hiring managers,
    2) senior leaders & allies and
    3) employee resource group members.
  • BYP Network to evaluate core objectives of partner company around diversity & inclusion particularly ethnicity and advise accordingly.

Job board Partnership

  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Dedicated organisation page on our job board
  • Newsletter & Social media promotion
  • Diversity Playbook: Recruitment, Retention, Reputation & Black ERGs
  • Black/BAME network connected to BYP members Note – If you only want to post jobs on our job board then please click this link:

Annual Partnerships – Monthly subscriptions

To become an annual partner, you would need to subscribe to at least 1 job per month plus one of the below packages. If you just want to post directly on the job board without subscribing to an annual partnership, you can do so here.

Employer Branding

£167 / month
  • Co-hosted webinar - £1500
  • One promoted content piece - £500

Cultural Change

£500 / month
  • Black in the workplace workshop - £1000
  • Cultural Change Audit - £2000
  • Quarterly Diversity Advisory - £3000
  • 2 x Co-hosted webinar - £3000
  • One quarterly promoted content
    piece - £2000

The Full Works

£917 / month
  • Black in the workplace workshop - £1000
  • Cultural Change Audit - £2000
  • Quarterly Diversity Advisory - £3000
  • 2 x Co-hosted webinar - £3000
  • One quarterly promoted content
    piece - £2000

Job board packages

Please select one of the below options to qualify for an annual package. You can also subscribe to these without selecting one of the above packages to just subscribe for the job board.

1 Job Post

£220 / per post
  • 1 Job Post Valid for 1 Month

3 Job Posts

£570 / 3 posts
  • 3 Job Posts Valid for 1 Month

5 Job Posts

£900 / 5 posts
  • 5 Job Posts Valid for 1 Month

10 Job Posts

£1500 / 10 posts
  • 10 Job Posts Valid for 1 Month

15 Job Posts

£2100 / 15 posts
  • 15 Job Posts Valid for 1 Month

20 Job Posts

£2600 / 20 posts
  • 20 Job Posts Valid for 1 Month

25 Job Posts

£3000 / 25 posts
  • 25 Job Posts Valid for 1 Month

No Annual Committment

  • Prices range from £250 per post to £175 per post (10 minimum)

Want to contact us before purchasing?

Our team will help you in selecting the best membership plan for you


BYP Network is a platform that connects black professionals with each other and corporations. 2019 saw huge growth at BYP Network in terms of members, online engagement, job board and press coverage. This includes 550,000 monthly online impressions, 40,000 total network and 140,000 BYP app interactions. Since the start of 2020, we have been featured on The Guardian, Forbes, Roc Nation and Stylist Magazine to name a few. We work with a range of companies including; Facebook, Accenture, Lloyds Bank etc. Now more than ever we feel it necessary to remind our stakeholders of why BYP Network exists and what it is we stand for. We are here to:

1. To serve the black community and ensure that every life matters

2. To create and uplift black leaders in the world of work, business and community

3. To focus the black narrative to one of aspirations, attainability and achievement

4. To enhance black lives through providing new opportunities and connections

5. To be the go to platform for all things black professionals

6. To uphold the highest standards when serving and representing the community

7. To be a bridge between the community and corporations, institutions  and establishments

8. To one day be the voice of the black professional global community

In light of the current situation we want to make it absolutely clear that we will be holding our corporate partners accountable when it comes to standing genuinely in solidarity with black people. I.e. Are there company wide KPIs around black hiring? What black initiatives does the company support externally? What role do internal ERGs play in conversations about moving the dial? How do you mitigate against hiring bias and much more.


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